XLab Torpedo Carbon Mini Mount - 2016

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Multipurpose aerobar mount for hydration, computers and nutrition. Simply add a carbon XLAB torpedo cage and a standard water bottle, and you will not only reduce your aero drag but also have fluids readily available. 

  • "Use standard water bottle mounted horizontally on the aerobars for most aero additional hydration"... states leading Engineering-led bicycle manufacturer
  • Specially designed by XLAB to be light and aerodynamic
  • Mounts truly horizontal to the aerobar
  • Most forward room of any competitor to allow for optimal computer mounting in front of the bottle
  • Aerospace designed both structurally and aerodynamically move bottle into the most proven aerodynamic position
  • Wind tunnel and CFD proven no drag penalty
  • Easy to install and remove via non-stretch, non-slip silicon straps / no tools required
  • Can adjust both fore and aft as well as vertically, making it the most adjustable horizontal hydration system sold
  • 1 ½" fore and aft adjustment of cage on mount
  • Ideal for all race lengths