Zoot Men's 20" SpeedZoot

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The Zoot Men's 20" SpeedZoot is the definitive must-have technical garment. Zoot has added a calf-length version and upgraded the fabrics and patterning. This one-piece suit is a non-buoyant streamlining garment designed to be worn over race clothing and removed after the swim.

  • HydroCell SCS (Super Composite Skin) finish - the same as is used on Zootsports Wetsuits, is the most hydrodynamic wetsuit coating available
  1. SCS coating outside -  reduces drag of skin and clothing by 97%
  2. CoF is .026 - compared to traditional neoprene CoF of 4.0)
  3. Smooth nylon jersey inside with water-repellent coating - so your suit doesnt absorb any water.
  • AQUOS double layer - lightweight mesh panels in front, back, and legs supply muscle compression, stabilization, and support for an exact and streamlined fit
  • BIOwrap construction
  • 9 (23cm) inseam for sprint races
  • 20 (51cm) inseam increases streamlining and support for longer swims
  • Sturdy 14 #5 coil zipper with top zipper garage - for fast comfortable swims and easy transitions
  • Back zip with 14 (35.6cm) zipper pull for quick removal in transition