Zoot Men's Ultra Tempo 6.0 Tri Shoe

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The Ultra Tempo 6.0 with new top loaded Z-Bound™ for a more responsive feel, continues down the line as one of the best guidance shoe you can run in. The 10mm offset gives it a training feel in a lightweight package.

  • 2 density midsole for essential guidance
  • Asymmetrical fit for natural comfort
  • CarbonSpan+™ for a performance-fast feel
  • [Stability Post] Multi-density midsole supports the arch to guide the foot to the most balanced stride.
  • [CarbonSpan+™] Lighter, stronger and faster. Tunable control that maximizes a smooth, powerful “toe off” – for effortless forward momentum without forefoot fatigue
  • [Quick-Lace™] Zoot’s patented lacing system eliminates lost time with a single-handed pull that cinches tight. Hit the road faster.
  • [Tri-Dry™] The sweat most shoes absorb weights you down and slows you down. Tri-Dry™ limits water retention and keeps your shoes feeling light and feeling fast.
  • [Z-Bound™] Less weight, better cushioning. Over the long haul, the super light proprietary Z-Bound ™ midsole rebounds a runner’s energy, reducing stress and fatigue
  • Lightweight – Shoes weighing 9.0oz/255g or less for men and 8.0/226g or less for women
  • Guidance – Guides your foot to a neutral toe off in your run stride
  • Racing – Racing is about performance and performance mean’s the close to the ground the firmer the midsole the faster you go
  • Training – For those athletes who want or need the most cushioning in their running shoes