Zoot Men's Zenith 2.0 Wetsuit

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Always a favorite, the Zoot Men's Zenith 2.0 Wetsuit received rave reviews making a revolutionary impact on the tri wetsuit market. Based on feedback from athletes around the world, the Zoot Men's Zenith 2.0 Wetsuit has been updated yet again. Zoot added GLIDEflex in the shoulders for even greater range of motion, used thinner rubber on the sleeves and cuffs, and increased buoyancy and flexibility in the legs. These added features paired with the Zoot Men's Zenith 2.0's 2mm Yamamoto SCS Nano exterior and 3mm low-density panel interior deliver unmatched speed and comfort.

  • GLIDEflex upper shoulder/back
  • Extra lift from 3mm side thigh panels
  • 3mm exterior/2mm interior glute and hamstring panels
  • Re-shaped calf panels increase buoyancy, comfort, ease of entry and exit
  • 1.5 mm sleeves and one piece cuff with ribbed catch panel
  • Thinner, lighter, lower collar
  • Yamamoto #39 neoprene
  • SCS nano hydrodynamic coating
  • Super-stretch polyester interior lining