Zoot Unisex Performance 2.0 CRx Calf Sleeve

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CRx 2.0 has a unique relationship between the body's dimensions and the pressure the garment puts on those dimensions. This pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury, otherwise known as mmHg. Pressures over 40 mmHg require a doctor's prescription. CRx garments are designed with greater pressure at the farthest part of the limb from the heart. The pressure gradually decreases as it gets closer to the heart, accelerating blood flow and reducing swelling. A graduated garment ensures blood flows faster back to the heart to be reoxygenated. During intense exercise, muscles tear and swelling occurs. By wearing graduated compression, you reduce the swelling caused by muscle tears. During exercise, vibration causes muscle fatigue and muscle damage. When a muscle is compressed close to the body it vibrates less. A compressed muscle sits closer to the body, therefore the muscle responds and performs better. 

  • CRx = improved blood circulation
  • BIOwrap = targeted muscle stabilization
  • Performance stretch screenprint graphics add grip to the bottom hem
  • The no foot design offers athletes the option to wear their accustomed socks
  • Graduated 8-20 mmHg