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Picking the right wet suit for you can be a challenge, there are so many it can easily be overwhelming. We will look at Blue Seventy’s 2016 wet suit offerings and shed some light on what the differences between the models are and highlighting some of the standout features.

Sprint -$229.95

The Sprint is a good entry level suit at an affordable price. The suit is made of 38 cell neoprene throughout, balancing flexibility and buoyancy with durability. The suit is fairly thin at around 2mm through the entire suit meaning the suit won’t provide a high level of buoyancy or warmth but very flexible leaving your range of motion intact. The neoprene has a Super Composite Skin coating (SCS) that reduces drag and increases the durability of the suit. The silicone cuffs at the wrists and ankles help keep out water of the suit and help make taking off the suit a little easier, important in a fast paced race setting. If you are looking for a flexible suit without extra bells and whistles at a good price, the Sprint might be the suit for you


The Fusion is a half step up from Blue Seventy’s Sprint and offers more features in the suit while keeping the same high quality 38 cell neoprene used in the Sprint. The Fusion offers increased buoyancy with a 5 mm panel of neoprene in the lower body and a 3 mm panel in the upper body, providing ideal body positioning in the water. The addition of a honeycombed forearm panel increases the power of each stroke and a better sense of your body’s positioning. More engineering has gone into the fit of the suit; features like single seam lower leg tubes and a thinner neck panel add comfort to this very functional suit.


The Reaction uses a higher quality neoprene than the Fusion, allowing it to be naturally more buoyant and flexible. Features like a split chest design, 2 mm back of knees, and thin side panels that run from the arms to knee, all made from 39 cell neoprene, add to the suit’s flexibility. The honeycomb forearm panels increase stroke efficiency and help you get a better sense of your body’s position in the water. The reaction offers 4 mm panels in the upper and lower body and a maxed out 5 mm panel at the center of the body for superior buoyancy. The arms, gussets, legs, and the split of the chest are 1.5 mm 39 cell neoprene for nearly unbelievable flexibility.


The Helix is Blue Seventy’s cream of the crop, building on the other features of lower model suits. The shoulders and arms are made from super flexible 1.5 mm or thinner 40 cell neoprene allowing really free movement in those high flex areas. Increased engineering has gone into the paneling of the suit, making it fit the body better and reducing the number of seams. The Helix is designed with a reverse zipper, so the zipper head rests at the small of your back and not at the base of the neck. Two words best describe this suit: incredible performance.

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