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To all the men and women out there that have served or are currently serving our country, thank you for your service. Please use code "Veteran10" to get 10% off your order. 

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Triathlon Checklist

It’s a common question, and we’ve all been there before. “I’m doing my first tri, and I don’t know what I need!” So let’s talk about some of the gear you'll need and some that you might want to have. As most of you know the triathlon has three sections; swim, bike, and run. Each [...]

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The Beginner's Guide to the Triathlon Wetsuit

Chrissie Wellington did not finish her first triathlon race. Her borrowed wetsuit proved to be a little too large and it filled up with water, almost causing her to drown. It's a good thing she was rescued not far from the starting line. Learning from her mistakes, she gave racing another try until she became [...]

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What is Triathlon?

If you made a list on the most intense and harshest sports on the globe then a triathlon would definitely be on that list. A triathlon is a competition involving perpetual and persevering endurance contests. Meaning, a triathlon is simply a multi-level competition that commonly features contests in swimming, cycling, and running. It is an [...]

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