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Swim Chamois Towels are ultra absorbent and compact in size. They are an effective way to dry off after a swim workout and they take up very little space in your swim bag. These towels come with reusable storage cases that keep the towel moist at all times so that they don't become stiff. They are an amazing alternative to a big bulky cotton towel, because we all know space in your swim equipment bag is limited.

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  • Phelps Micro Towel XL

    Phelps Micro Towel XL - 2021

    Dry off in style with this super soft and absorbent micro towel. The Micro Towel XL is 30" x 55". It's the perfect size to throw in your bag along with your other swim gear. Ultra absorbent, soft material XL: 30 x 55 inches No special treatment...

  • Speedo Sports Towel

    Speedo Sports Towel - 2021

    The Speedo Sports Towel is great for all water sports; just wipe across surface to remove excess water.  Measures: 12.5'' x 16.5'' Super absorbent Compact swimmer's towel/watershed chamois Absorbs many times its weight in water Lightweight,...

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    Aqua Sphere Dry Swim Towel

    Aqua Sphere Dry Swim Towel - 2019

    The Aqua Sphere Dry Swim Towel is an ultra absorbent towel that allows you to dry off quickly and easily and is the perfect size for taking to the pool or gym. In the tradition of Aqua Sphere's never-ending effort to offer products that enhance...

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