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  • TYR Ergo Swim Nose Clip

    TYR Ergo Swim Nose Clip - 2021

    Introducing the newest in low profile swim clip technology. This small nose clip comes in four stylish colors that make a bold statement in the water. Hypo-allergenic TPRnose pad and polyurethane frame. Ideal for training with front mount snorkels.

  • TYR Molded Ear Plug TYR Molded Ear Plug

    TYR Molded Ear Plug - 2021

    Shaped to fit left and right ears respectively. Features a hollow stem to ensure minimal hearing disruption while swimming. Includes storage case.

  • Speedo Silicone Ear Plugs

    Speedo Silicone Ear Plugs - 2021

    100% Soft silicone for a comfortable fit Comfortable, and effective ear plugs can be molded to ear size creating the perfect seal Includes two (2) sets of ear plugs – 4 reusable plugs with carrying case Molds to fit ear Blocks water flow into...

  • Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs

    Speedo Ergo Ear Plugs - 2021

    New! Ergonomic shape for ultimate comfort. Specialized shapes minimize leakage. Care box included. Contoured shape provides a perfect fit Specialized shapes minimize leakage Lightweight, soft and comfortable Easy insertion and removal Care box...

  • TYR Ear Plugs

    TYR Ear Plugs - 2021

    The soft silicone ear plug was developed by the medical profession for optimum ear protection against water. When used as directed, silicone plugs reduce the risk of water and cold air entering the auditory canal during swimming, bathing and showering...

  • TYR Latex Nose Clip

    TYR Latex Nose Clip - 2021

    Showcasing a comfortable latex coating, the TYR Latex Swimming Nose Clip features metal clip construction, for strength and durability. An attached headstrap ensures that the Nose Clip stays on, making it a perfect choice for any aquatic...

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    Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs & Nose Clip Set

    Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs & Nose Clip Set - 2019

    Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs & Nose Clip Set features:Ear Plugs Ergonomic design for left and right ears provides optimal fit Dual density construction offers the maximum in comfort Lanyard included for easy storage Nose Clip Dual Material...

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11 of 11 Items