Tri Suits

Tri suits are a one piece garment that can be worn through the swim, bike and run of a triathlon race. They are made from technical fabrics that keep you ventilated, aerodynmic and hydrodynamic. A tall order for one piece of clothing. There are many components of a tri suit to consider when making your purchase. A triathlon chamois must provide cushioning and comfort on the bike while being non-absorbent during the swim and discreet during the run. There are varying chamois thickness depending on the suit. Some suits are equipped with thin fleece pads (fleece is a moisture wicking, waterproofing fabric), while other suits have a non-absorbent foam chamois. For entry/exit of the suit there is generally either a front or a back zipper. Did you know that ITU (International Triathlon Union) races do not allow front zippers on suits? If you are going to be participating in an ITU race you should check with the race director for the specific uniform requirements of the race. Triathlete Sports carries both front and back or non-zippered suits to meet all of your triathlon race needs. Sleeved suits as opposed to sleeveless suits also reduce watts on the bike portion of the race for additional aerodynamics. Other considerations to make when purchasing a suit include quality of fabrics (with or without cooling properties), leg grippers and storage pockets for energy gels or a key.  Tri suits can be an economical alternative to their two piece counterparts and also provide extra coverage, so you don't need to worry about your top riding up or your tail end hanging out on the cycling portion of the race.