Men's Compression

If you’re looking for compression clothing then look no further than Triathlete Sports, we carry a large selection by the major manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for compression shorts or compression tops, compression calf sleeves or compression arm sleeves, we’ve got you covered with products from 2XU, CW-X, Zoot, 110%and many more.

We offer compression clothing that is designed to keep your muscles from oscillating during races and workouts as well as compression clothing that’s designed to help your muscles recover from workouts and races. So if you’re looking to keep your muscles fresh during your event with 2XU or Zoot compression clothing, clothing with a bit more support like CW-X or 110% recovery compression clothing with ice sheets and pockets providing an ice bath experience for after your race, Triathlete Sports has it all. From socks to shirts, and everything in between, Triathlete Sports offers a great selection of compression clothing for all athletes.