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Be seen out on the road with reflective gear. Triathlete Sports carries a selection of reflective stickers, vests and arm bands that will make you more visible to traffic. We want you to be safe out there and reflective attire when training and racing in low light conditions is a must. Vests are an excellent option because they offer 360 degrees of reflectivity so whether you are coming or going you will be seen. 

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  • Nathan Vibe Reflective Vest Nathan Vibe Reflective Vest

    Nathan Vibe Reflective Vest - 2021

    Our minimalist, run-comfortable, easy-to-fit, and super-reflective... reflective vest literally has Visibility designed into it, as the front straps provide a bright V-shaped reflection when cars’ headlights hit them...

  • Nathan Reflective Run Laces

    Nathan Reflective Run Laces - 2021

    Add color to your kicks with these reflective performance laces! Ideal for runners, walkers, triathletes, kids, and the elderly Unique fastening system keeps laces secure and tight Reflective detail for greater nighttime visibility One-time setup...

  • Nathan Streak Reflective Safety Vest Nathan Streak Reflective Safety Vest - Back

    Nathan Streak Reflective Safety Vest - 2021

    An ultra-lightweight, streamlined vest designed with performance in mind. 360-degree reflectivity  Retro-reflective details reflect light directly back to its source for increased visibility Unique shape offers full range of motion that won't...

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    Nathan HyperNight Reflective Beanie

    Nathan HyperNight Reflective Beanie - 2020

    Be bold. Run reflective. Make a flashy statement under the night skies with our fun – and fun to wear HyperNight Collection. Galactic reflective streaks emblazon gear so that drivers,...

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    Nathan LightSpur Nathan LightSpur - On Shoe Nathan LightSpur - Light On

    Nathan LightSpur - 2018

    Did you know that every 9 minutes a pedestrian is struck by a car? However, when you wear our Run Longer Light series, this allows each of us to effortlessly and safely extend our day to spend more time outside, with smart, compact, and easily...

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    Fuel Belt PEEL & STICK REFLECTIVE Decals

    Fuel Belt PEEL & STICK REFLECTIVE Decals - 2017

    This ain't no peel and eat shrimp. This is a big solution that comes in a small package. Stick these decals to just about anything from clothing to helmets to race gear. Ten pieces of self-adhesive reflective stickers Can stick to helmet, shoes,...

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    Headsweats Ultra Reflective Visor - 2018

    Headsweats Ultra Reflective Visor - 2018

    The Ultra Reflective visor features Headsweats own proprietary Eventure Reflective fabric. Made of lightweight polyester with a highly reflective surface treatment, the visor will keep athletes safe for early morning or evening training sessions...

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    Aardvark Reflective Legbands

    Aardvark Reflective Legbands

    The Aardvark Reflective Legbands offer a fashionable way to preserve your pants from angry bike chains. Featured in several hi-vis colors, the Aardvark Reflective Legbands feature 3M Scotchlite, the standard in safety and reflective gear.

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    Fuel Belt Speedster Reflective Vest

    Fuel Belt Speedster Reflective Vest

    Designed to fit like a glove, our Lycra Reflective Vest is lightweight and super bright. With a full zippered front and a rear storage pocket, this will be your go-to-reflective vest for the off-season when the sun goes down early and comes up late. The...

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