Aerobars are a great way to increase your aerodynamics and shave valuable seconds from your cycling time. Here at Triathlete Sports we have a selection of aerobars to suit your race needs. We carry both alloy and carbon aerobars. Alloy aerobars are great for beginners, they are cheaper than carbon bars and a great introduction into cycling in the aero position. Carbon aerobars are lighter and stiffer and are a great upgrade for a seasoned triathlete. The purpose of aerobars is to reduce drag and decrease the surface area of your body cutting into the wind. You should position your bars about as far apart as your hips and rest your forearms, right in front of your elbows, on the arm rests. Be sure to practice riding in the aero position for short intervals, gradually increasing your time and stamina in that position. Purchase some aerobars today and take your cycling to the next level!