Training Gear

Triathlete Sports carries all the swim gear you’ll need to get the perfect swim workout done. From towels andtimers to body care, shampoo and conditioner, designed to get rid of that chlorine smell, we’ve got everything you’ll need for before and after your swims. Our swim gear section also includes a large selection of fins, hand paddles, kick boards and other strength training products that are designed to help you get the most work out of every swim workout.

Don’t forget to look at our vast collection of goggles that are designed for pool swimming, open water swimming, or both. Here you’ll find clear, tinted and metallic lenses to help you see in all lighting conditions and we even offer a selection of polarized goggles to reduce the glare of the sun during those open water training sessions and races. All of our open water goggles offer a 180 degree view making it incredibly easy to sight the buoys and landmarks during your swim. Whether you’re swimming in a pool or in open water, for training or a race, we’ve got all of the swim gear you’ll need.