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Pull Buoys or Pull Floats are used to isolate your upper body workout in the water. They help you to keep your legs buoyant and your body in the proper swim position while you practice your stroke and strengthen your arms. A classic training aid for any swimmer's equipement bag.

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  • Zone3 Multi-Colored Pull Buoy

    Zone3 Multi-Colored Pull Buoy - 2021

    A fun and functional pull buoy used by thousands of swimmers every day and very much seen a training essential. The Zone3 pull buoy has a unique and colourful design which will brighten up any training session!  Made from a soft and buoyant EVA...

  • Orca SwimRun Pull Buoy

    Orca SwimRun Pull Buoy - 2021

    This pull buoy is specifically designed for swimrun. Its two side cords make it possible to fasten it to your leg and carry it on the outer part while you run. When it’s time to get in the water, simply turn it to place it...

  • TYR Inflatable Pull Float

    TYR Inflatable Pull Float - 2021

    Space saving design takes up 95% less room in your bag Same buoyancy as the TYR Classic Pull Float Spring loaded one-way valve quickly inflates, while keeping air from leaking out 10" x 4.5" x 6"

  • TYR Rally Training Strap TYR Rally Training Strap - Unclipped

    TYR Rally Training Strap - 2021

    Built for advanced swimmers Promotes proper positioning and upper body strength Quick release buckle for simple on and off use Product can be secured either around ankles or just above the knees for focused breaststroke training Multiple straps can...

  • Speedo Team Pull Buoy Speedo Team Pull Buoy

    Speedo Team Pull Buoy - 2021

    The must-have pull buoy for every swimmer in every pool Elevates hips and legs to the proper streamline body position Allows the swimmer to focus on stroke technique and rotation Improves upper body strength Soft, durable EVA foam

  • TYR Pull Float

    TYR Pull Float - 2021

    The TYR Pull Float is engineered for strengthening and aquatic exercise routines. The perfect training aid for swimmers on all levels the TYR Pull Float increases resistance and weight in the water, to help develop upper body...

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    Aqua Sphere Pull Float

    Aqua Sphere Pull Float - 2019

    The Aqua Sphere Pull Float is the perfect swim workout aid for helping to build upper body strength and improve form. Aqua Sphere Pull Float features: Maximizes upper body workout by immobilizing the legs Isolates arm motion to improve...

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