2XU Women's Propel Pro Wetsuit - 2022

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Delivering superior speed and flexibility, this is the ultimate wetsuit for the elite performer. Utilizing 45 Cell, the world’s most flexible neoprene, and incorporating panels that feature unparalleled buoyancy for the perfect equilibrium between movement and elevation.


01. Nano SCS coating - extra 4% buoyancy / Hydrodynamic silicone coating to reduce resistance when putting on and taking off and to alleviate water resistance

02. 45 Cell seamless shoulder and arm panel / Ultimate flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement with a 1mm neoprene

03. Front panel with seamless buoyancy inserts and super-stretch lining / Improved buoyancy with increased flexibility

04. Intermediate zone stretch (IZS) panels / Fluid movement

05. Concave water entrapment zone / Xtreme ultra enhanced distance per stroke

06. Lower leg propulsion panel / Increased kick power

07. Transition panel / Seam overlap technology

08. 520% stretch lining (internal) / Enhanced lateral flexibility

09. Floating zip panel / Increased movement for better distance per stroke

010. Rollbar / Increased core buoyancy and body position

011. Two-year warranty


39 CELL - The most buoyant neoprene available with thicknesses varying from 1mm to 5mm (5mm maximum permitted).

45 CELL - Flexible material, which is applied mainly to the sleeves for ultimate flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement with a 1mm thickness nano SCS COATING.

SCS COATING (Super Composite Skin) - Applied as a layer over the surface of the neoprene, creating a very unique material. The micelle structure on the rubber surface repels water when in contact with air and reduces the surface resistance when in contact with water. Low resistance allows for faster speed through the water. As a result, SCS provides comfort, extra freedom of movement, keeps the body warmer and decreases body fatigue whilst ensuring durability and abrasion resistance.


Front chest (upper) - 1mm, Front chest (middle) - 2mm, Front chest (lower) - 1mm

Upper back - 1mm

Lower back - 2mm

Upper arm - 1mm

Lower arm - 1mm

Upper front leg - 1mm

Lower front leg - 3mm

Upper back leg - 2mm

Lower back leg - 3mm

Forearm catch panel - 2mm