361 Degrees Men's Flame ST Fiber Plated Shoe - 2023

361 Degrees
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The 361 Flame ST is another exciting new addition to our high-speed professional running shoe series. This new model uses the latest technology and offers more versatility- by being the perfect all-in-one speed shoe for a multitude of workouts - from speed training through to race-days. It maintains its lightweight and speed attributes, yet is more comfortable, softer with more flexibility, delivering a bouncier running experience. 

  • Speedy and modern upper design.
  • Progressive New 3-Logo Iteration on quarter panel for additional midfoot rigidity.
  • Breathable Mono-Engineered Mesh Upper which gives enhanced breathability and smooth movement and full toe to heel ventilation.
  • Plush Microfiber heel collar lining
  • QuickFlame Foam Technology (full length) is extremely springy and delivers excellent flexibility, high resilience and rigidity, bringing a continuous forward momentum for runners.
  • RPU Rubber - Traction and control straight off the mark, the forefoot is equipped with a layer of rubber which provides grip and stability.
  • New QuickSpine (F.T.P.) Sandwiched in the midsole is the QuickSpine Flexible Transfer Plate F.T.P. which is constructed from glass fiber. It adds integrity to the midsole and helps with better running efficiency during increased fatigue as it always provides forward propulsion.
  • Enhanced Forefoot Rocker is designed to attenuate shock during vertical loading. This helps to reduce ankle flexion, producing a stable and more efficient forward transfer motion during landing through toe off, ultimately increasing higher energy conservation of the lower leg muscles

Type: Neutral
Weight: 7361 Degrees Women's Flame ST Fiber Plated Shoe - 2023.5oz
Drop: 8mm