Blue Seventy Men's Helix Wetsuit - 2024

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The most iconic wetsuit in triathlon now features a bold new look and improved performance. The Helix features our incredibly flexible seamless shoulder design with an improved neckline to create freedom of movement throughout your entire stroke and further minimize chafing. In addition a repositioning of the Lift Panels further increases the wetsuit’s buoyancy and body positioning aid. The world renowned paneling and materials of the Helix stay the same to ensure maximum flexibility and enhance your stroke mechanics. Each generation of the Helix sets the bar a little higher and this one is no exception.

Premium Materials - All Blueseventy wetsuits are crafted with premium Yamamoto eco-friendly limestone neoprene. This supple and flexible neoprene forms the foundation of our highly honed patterns. Extremely flexible and soft liners sit comfortably against your skin.

Fit & Comfort - We strive to create the best fitting, fastest wetsuits on the planet, and years of design and testing have yielded one of the largest size ranges and best fitting suits possible. Our women’s line has been expanded to fit every body, ensuring all swimmers can find their perfect fit with Blueseventy.

Speed Above All Else - Every suit is crafted to produce the most speed and perform at the highest level possible. We agonize over every detail in order to create a wetsuit that will enhance your swim and help you achieve your personal best.

Torsion Stretch Technology (TST):

The distinct blue shoulders and back are now seamless which maximizes flexibility throughout your full range of motion.

Distance Per Stroke:

Improved paneling across the back increases reach to maximize distance per stroke.

Natural Rotation:

Updated paneling and construction methods enhance body rotation naturally.

Layered Insulation Foam Technology:

Lift technology uses ultra buoyant foam sandwiched between the outer and inner layers on the front of the legs to boost buoyancy and improve body positioning.

Aqua Feel Catch Panels:

Hydrophobic, permeable textile catch panels return the feel for the water.

The Insides Count:

Extremely flexible, 100% nylon ultra-stretch jersey is lighter and stretchier compared to other suits.

Increased Neck Comfort:

A lowered and widened neck opening increases comfort and reduces chafing.

Reverse Zipper:

Eliminates chafing at the neck due to the position of the zipper head and allows for a lower more comfortable collar.