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The BodyGlide Anti-Blister & Chafing is a miracle in an easy to use stick. This formula is invisible, non-oily and goes on without a mess. Use it to protect head to toe against blisters and chafing from rubbing, this product also doubles as a superior moisturizer. Usually, it only takes one application to prevent/stop the pain. Great for feet, with athletic shoes, sandals, strappies, casual dress shoes, and heels. Use with clothing and for irritation from sportswear and undergarments. Won't clog pores. Good in hot or cold weather. Washes off with soap.

  • Non-oily, no mess application
  • Upper Body: for irritation from bras (sports bras), under arms, nipple rub
  • Thighs & Groin: for chafing caused by rubbing and for saddle sores
  • Feet: helps prevent blisters, hot-spots, cracked heels, and dry skin (also for corns and calluses)
  • Good in hot or cold weather


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    First time using an Anti-Chafe

    Posted by Bethany Hohenstein on 17th Aug 2018

    A very thick product takes some muscle to get any on the body like it needs to warm up..? Goes on clear. Don't know if it was the product, but made inner thighs sticky and grip more against each other, did not provide the "glide" feeling I was looking for.