DeSoto Men's Liftfoil3 Swim Skin Tri Top - 2018

De Soto
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Swim Top made of Liftfoil3™ fabric

This tech top is designed to help you swim faster in waters that are too warm for wetsuits.


  • Made of Liftfoil3 (FINA approved) hydrophobic fabric absorbs 66% less water.
  • T-back and deep cut arm holes for swim rotation freedom and no chafing
  • 16-inch front zipper for easy ventilation, entry and exit
  • Step-in design:  Just zip down and step into it as you would a trisuit.
  • Two Waterlid™ side pockets for zero drag in water, yet to carry fuel on bike and run.
  • USAT and WTC legal.
  • Entire suit submitted for FINA approval


This hydrodynamic top will help you swim faster in triathlons and open water competitions that do not permit wetsuits.  It is a highly technical hydrophobic fabric we call Liftfoil3™.   It has no lining.

This swim-specific top has no rubberized material, no polyurethane, and no neoprene. It abides to WTC's recent ruling on swimskins, speedskins, swim apparel...whatever WTC wants to call it.

It also abides to USAT requirements for swim tops.

Our tests have shown varied improvements of swim times of about 2-4 seconds per 100 meters, depending on the individual, over wearing a conventional swimsuit. This translates to 1'00" for 1500 meters and 2'40" for a swim of 4000 meters. 

This garment is not designed for repeated use as a swimsuit in a chlorinated pool.