Louis Garneau Mondo Gel Bike Glove - 2022

Louis Garneau
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Upper hand:

  • Avatar Mesh; lightweight spandex; soft and lightweight microfiber thumb


  • GTEX synthetic leather, textured in key areas; patented Ergo Air X-Vent ventilation, grip-enhancing silicone print
  • Patented Biogel progressive padding 
  • Patent-pending proprietary finger pullers
  • Extended seamless slip-on cuff 

Ergo Air: The Ergo Air system efficiently manages moisture for excellent body thermoregulation. When the body sweats, the Ergo Air system keeps it dry, thus avoiding discomfort caused by excess body heat or increased cold resulting from moisture.

X-Vent: X-Vent is a specially designed shape of our patented Ergo Air ventilation system. The X shape of the opening is strategically placed to avoid palm material bunching while improving ventilation and handlebar feel.

Progressive padding: The progressive padding is specifically designed to provide optimal protection for long-distance riders. Thicker padding protects the ulnar nerve, which is the most vulnerable in the cycling position, while a greater surface of padding throughout the palm allows pressure to be distributed and dissipates the energy of impacts.

Proprietary finger pullers: Our patent-pending proprietary finger pullers design is a pull-off aid. It's an extension of the palm material with a semi-circular peripheral edge at the fingers' ends, friction active spots and an opening in the pull tab which is functionally reliable and seamlessly integrated so you won't notice it while riding.