Full Sleeve Wetsuits

A full sleeved triathlon wetsuit is going to offer you maximum buoyancy and warmth. The thicker the neoprene the warmer and more buoyant the suit. The thinner the neoprene the more flexible the suit. With this concept in mind your wetsuit purchase should consider your swimming ability. If you are a strong swimmer than you don't need as much buoyancy to keep your body in the optimum swimming position. The thinner neoprene will give you maximum flexibility so that it won't inhibit your stroke. If, however, you are a weak swimmer, the thicker more buoyant wetsuit will keep you afloat, positioning your body parallel with the surface, helping you to glide through the water more efficiently.

Triathlon wetsuits are made from several types of neoprene with different cell ratings. The lower the cell the stiffer the neoprene and the higher the cell the more flexible the neoprene. Most triathlon wetsuits are made from 38-40 cell neoprene. Lower end (less expensive suits) tends to be on the 38-cell end, while the high-end suits (more expensive suits) tend to be made from 40 cell neoprene. The higher end 40 cell neoprene makes an enormous difference in the fit and feel of the wetsuit. Many new consumers feel constricted, or claustrophobic, trying on an entry level wetsuit. This is a direct reflection of the quality of neoprene. The drawback of the higher cell neoprene suits is that they aren't quite as durable as the lower cell neoprene suits. 

Triathlete Sports carries a wide selection of full sleeved triathlon wetsuits from premium brands such as: 2XU, Blue Seventy, De Soto, Orca, and TYR.