Orca Men's Vitalis Openwater Hi-Vis Wetsuit - 2024

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Designed specifically for open water swimming and training, the Openwater Vitalis Hi-Vis provides safety through maximum visibility thanks to its bright orange panels that stand out clearly against the color of the sea. It also has the necessary thermal insulation to maintain an optimal body temperature without sacrificing freedom of movement.

  • High Visibility: for maximum safety in the water, we designed the HI-VIS with high-visibility signal orange so you're always easy to spot when swimming in open water.

  • Stretchability: the extra stretchy materials of this wetsuit allow you to have a smoother arm pull and restriction-free swim.

  • Neutral buoyancy: 2.5mm thick Yamamoto 38 material, on the torso and legs, gives you both buoyancy and good protection from the cold.