Orca Men's Zeal Thermal Openwater Wetsuit - 2024

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The Zeal Thermal is the most thermally insulated wetsuit in Orca’s range. It features technology for maximum heat retention, such as its Thermal X2 inner lining and its second “batwing” layer of neoprene, which prevents water from entering the zipper and neck area. The high-thickness panels provide high buoyancy without affecting flexibility, thanks to the use of Yamamoto 40+ technology that provides maximum elasticity, for total freedom of movement in cold water.

SUPERIOR THERMAL INSULATION - This is the most thermally insulated wetsuit in the Orca range featuring panels that are up to 5 mm thick, as well as its Thermal X2 inner lining and “Batwing" hood. The closely fitted neck and limb areas and the suit's zipper seal (Batwing) prevent the ingress of cold water, further improving the thermal insulation.

MAXIMUM ELASTICITY - The combination of technologies aimed at maximum elasticity, such as Yamamoto 40X+, allows for excellent freedom of movement in cold water despite the thickness of this wetsuit. The elasticity of the Thermal X thermal lining gives the 5 mm panels the same elastic properties as thinner conventional panels.

HIGH AND NEUTRAL BUOYANCY - The very thick panels located in the torso provide a high level of buoyancy, for safety in open water. In addition, its combination gives it a neutral buoyancy.

COMFORT - The close fit in the extremities and the comfortable Thermal X and Thermal X2 inner lining fabrics make this one of the most comfortable wetsuits in the Orca range.