Speedo Women's Fastskin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit - 2020

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Balanced buoyancy for maximum propulsion

The Xenon range packs features into a wetsuit developed to boost performance, with core propulsion.

Achieve peak performance on race day. Get ready to set new PRs in a wetsuit constructed from a highly buoyant neoprene. This drag-reducing suit features core stabilization to promote a more efficient stroke and neoprene panels that offer ultimate flexibility and adjust your swimming position. Special coating keeps the suit from sticking to your skin and a comfortable collar holds tight while still reducing chafing.

  • Y39 (Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene rubber) - The most buoyant foam existing, which provides the highest lift to the body, thus minimizing the form drag created by the immersed body.
  • Yamamoto SCS (Super Composite Skin) - Advanced surface coating reduces water friction during the swim.
  • Maximotion+ - Continuous and extensive 1.5mm neoprene panels for supreme flexibility for your stroke.
  • Core Stabilizer - Reinforces the core, enhancing the connection from the torso to the upper and lower body, to promote a more efficient stroke.
  • Body Positioning Regulator - Thicker panels strategicaly placed for more buoyancy and perfect adjustment of your swim position.
  • Fuse Neck - Double sided SCS collar construction for a water tight neck and extreme comfort.