TYR Aquatic Fitness Kit - 2018

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Everything you need for your aquatic fitness training!


Aquatic Flotation Belt - 

  • Ergonomically designed EVA foam construction for soft, comfortable use
  • Designed to fit various body types with an adjustable belt and clip system
  • For use during aquatic fitness workout routines

Aquatic Resistance Dumbbells - 

  • EVA foam is lightweight, buoyant, and provides superior resistance 
  • Easy to hold soft grips for long workouts
  • Improves upper body strength while maximizing flotation support
  • Closed cell construction is chlorine-resistant and flexible

Aquatic Resistance Gloves (SIZE MEDIUM) - 

  • Webbed neoprene glove provides optimum water resistance during swim stroke
  • Rubberized palm provides grip on wet surfaces
  • Wrist closure for easy adjustment and comfortable, secure fit
  • Recommended for swim training and aquatic aerobics
  • New pattern designed to minimize material use and maintain functionality of glove