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Sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment while training and racing outdoors. You need good protection from the suns harmful rays and a clear line of vision out on the road. Triathlete Sports carries several brands of sunglasses that won't distort your vision and will help to maximize your performance without taxing your wallet. The most popular types of sunglasses used for triathlon are ones with Photochromic lenses. These lenses adjust to light conditions, darkening as the sun gets brighter and fading when the sun goes behind a cloud. This technology allows you to train and race for hours without fiddling with your sunglasses - no need to switch out the lenses! Another popular piece of sunglass technology are Polarized Lenses. These lenses reduce glare off from surfaces such as water and tarred roads. Triathlete Sports carries several sunglass options which have both Photochromic and Polarized lenses for the ultimate in all day eyewear. Look for other sport performance features like hydrophillic pads that prevent your sunglasses from slipping on your face as you sweat and vents to prevent fogging.

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    Tifosi Pro Escalate S.F. Sunglasses Tifosi Pro Escalate S.F. Sunglasses - Pieces Tifosi Pro Escalate S.F. Sunglasses - All Options

    Tifosi Pro Escalate S.F. Sunglasses - 2018

    ADAPTABLE. SEAMLESS. MULTIPLE OPTIONS. TIFOSI PRO Introducing the Tifosi Pro Escalate with ICS, a frame interchange system that integrates Full Frame, and Shield eyewear into one complete kit. Included in this kit are two full framed options and two...

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    Tifosi Optics Just Sunglasses with Polarized Lens

    Tifosi Optics Just Sunglasses with Polarized Lens - 2019

    Tifosi polarized lenses are exceptional because they are embedded with polarized material and are decentered for greater clarity. Polarized lenses offer excellent glare reduction and are perfect for water sports, driving, cycling, skiing and casual wear...

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    Tifosi Lore Sunglasses with Clarion Mirror Lens

    Tifosi Lore Sunglasses with Clarion Mirror Lens

    Tifosi’s new Clarion Mirror lenses feature a hydrophobic coating that repels water and sweat to help prevent moisture from gathering on the lens, increasing visibility and preventing distortion. FRAME FEATURES Made of Grilamid TR-90, a...

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    Ryders Strider Interchangeable Sunglasses

    Ryders Strider Interchangeable Sunglasses - 2017

    Medium/small fit Regular nose bridge Adjustable nose pads Temple pads  TR90 SWITZERLAND A Swiss technology, this thermoplastic is the material used in all of our sunglasses (with the exception of our metal frames). Its extreme flexibility,...

    MSRP: $69.99
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