XLab Aero Mini Saddle Bag - 2024

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  • ZERO DRAG - When installed inside the AERO CARBON WING
  • COMPLETE REPAIR KIT - Carries tube and essential repair needs
  • SECURE ATTACHMENT - Strong strap integrates with bag loop for secure fit
  • HIDDEN ZIPPER PULL - Tucks between bag and carbon beam for a tidy look and clean airflow
  • STEALTH LOGO - Subtle black XLAB logos on each side

What Makes a Great Saddle Bag

Part of the AERO CARBON WING concept was designing the system house a repair bag that eliminated the drag of conventional saddle bags completely. The curved roof of the carbon beam allows the specially-shaped AERO MINI BAG to fit snugly up inside.

  • Complete Repair Kit
    The bag is sized to carry a spare tube, 2 tire levers, 2 CO2 cartridges, CO2 inflator, patches and a MINI TOOL KIT. Also large enough to carry the popular TIRE MATE, a dual mini pump and inflator.
  • Secure Attachment
    We chose the same tough material we have used in our reliable XLAB straps for the AERO MINI BAG. The straps thread through a heavy duty loop stitched on the bag's underside, securing the bag tightly to the AERO CARBON WING.
  • Bag Material
    We chose the heavy duty woven nylon that has been used very successfully on thousands of our XLAB bags over the years for extended life durability.
  • Zipper Pull
    The woven zipper pull is a non-rattle design. The pull can be easily tucked up between the top of the bag and the roof of the beam for zero drag.

Remember there is no drag penalty for adding the AERO MINI BAG to your AERO CARBON WING!