Aqua Sphere Men's Aqua Skin Top

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The Aqua Sphere Men's Aqua Skin Top is an ultra light and durable suit engineered with Thermo-Guard technology to provide maximum warmth as well as protection from the sun. The Aqua Sphere Men's Aqua Skin Top is manufactured with an ultra thin neoprene which offers complete freedom of movement like a traditional swimsuit, but with the added benefit of maintaining the bodys temperature in water. By keeping core muscles warm Aqua Skins help reduce cramping so swimmers can maximize their workout and spend longer in the water. Created for pool swimmers and open water enthusiasts of all ages and aptitudes. 

Aqua Sphere Men's Aqua Skin Top Primary Features:

  • Thermo-Guard technology provides warmth and maximum flexibility and range of motion in the shoulders, legs and chest.
  • Constructed from 0.5-1mm Glide Skin neoprene which offers increased speed and freedom of movement in water due to a low drag coefficient.
  • Double-lock Collar offers maximum comfort while keeping water out.
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