Aqua Sphere Women's Pursuit Wetsuit

Aqua Sphere
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Aqua Sphere Women's Pursuit Wetsuit features Aqua Drive Technology. Aqua Drive technology is strategically placed panels designed around the core of the body, which acts as the primary planing surface while swimming. Aqua-Drive is engineered to maximize buoyancy, resulting in improved body position in the water which reduces drag and increases a swimmer's efficiency.

  • Aqua-Flex Collar - Watertight seal with maximum comfort through its double layer, ultra-fine nanoskin design which minimizes neck chafing.
  • Grip Protection System - is a specifically designed fabric application that minimizes friction and creates a shield over the wetsuit in order to maximize the life of the suit.
  • Quick Drying
  • 100% UVA/UVB Protection
  • Super Stretch Fabric
  • #38 Yamamoto Neoprene - offers the optimum balance of flexibility, reduced drag coefficient, and durability. The SCS nanoskin coating offers the lowest drag coefficient and maximizes speed.
  • Thermo-Guard Technology - provides warmth and maximum flexibility and range of motion in the shoulders, legs and chest.
  • Bio-Stretch Zone - specifically designed panels to mimic the natural movement of a swimmers upper body and core rotation while swimming in order to maximize reach and distance per stroke.