The Altra Way!

Posted by Tyler Libby on 18th Jun 2019

The Altra Way!

So, what sets Altra shoes apart from all the other shoes on the market? Altra’s main design has three key features. The features are the unique foot shaped toe box, the fit4her technology, and the cushioned zero-drop design.

Foot Shaped Toe Box

When you put these shoes on you might think why are these shoes shaped so different? That is because of is unique foot shaped design. With a traditional shoe they tend to come at a point. This can lead to your toes and feet to move out of their natural position. Why is this a bad thing? Because of this positioning of your toes and feet, it can lead to foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes and plantar fasciitis. Another thing to think about is that if you already have bunions these shoes will give you a little more space without getting a wide shoe.

Fit4her Technology

What is this fit4her tech that I’m talking about? Well for you ladies out there pay attention. Altra’s woman’s line has shoes designed specifically designed for the female foot. Like anything man and woman are programmed to be different in many ways. They changed the design of the shoe to have a narrower heel and mid-foot. Altra discovered that the female foot needed cushioning in different areas then that of a men’s foot. They also changed the upper and the instep to accommodate the differences from the male shoes. Altra was one first shoe company to make female specific shoes that were completely different then the men. Before the only difference between men’s and woman’s shoes was size and color.

Zero-Drop Design

With any shoe there is usually a slight difference in cushioning and that puts your heel at a different position from the ground as your toe. With the Altra line they have designed their shoes to position your heel to toe drop at the same level. Studies have shown this to help with risk of injury. Why is this a big selling point. It is to position your feet to be in its natural state. It is supposed to strengthen your Achilles tendon and lower calf muscles for further risk of injury. I word of caution if you are changing over to the Altra shoes from a shoe that has a high heel to toe drop I would take it easy running in them till you build up the muscles.