Blue Seventy Men's PZ4TX+ Swimskin - 2024

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It didn’t take long for the PZ4TX to earn the prestigious title of First Out Of The Water in Kona. On the other hand, it was a long journey to get there. Ten years of flume testing,research and development. The result? A combination of hydrophobic fabrics and welded seams that reduce surface drag while compressive properties improve swimming position and athlete performance. All this while adhering to intense textile regulations. 

New this year is the PZ4TX+, a short sleeve version of our industry-leading PZ4TX. The development of the short sleeves was conducted over countless hours of testing with and without a tri suit underneath to ensure an excellent fit, flexibility and improved hydrodynamics in the water.

  • LOW DRAG - Folded and bonded sealed edges reduce chafing, pressure points and provide a smooth surface flow in the water.
  • EQUILIBRIUM - White heat reflective fabric provides optimal thermoregulation, which allows the body to maintain its core internal temperature.
  • ADVANCED FABRICS - A combination of hydrophobic fabrics and welded seams reduce surface drag while compressive properties improve swimming position and athlete performance.
  • LOCKING ZIPPER - Advanced YKK auto locking zipper (no string or lanyard needed). This unique zipper system reduces drag, is faster to remove and due to its light weight and flexibility, is more comfortable.