BodyGlide Cycle Chamois Glide 1.5oz. - 2020

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BodyGlide Chamois Glide is a superior choice for cyclists to guard against saddle sores. Based on the original anti-chafe balm, Chamois Glide is nothing like greasy butters, messy jellies, and wet creams that leave many cyclists feeling like they are riding in a wet diaper. It penetrates skin, but also applies easily to shorts and chamois right from the tube. It forms a comfortable barrier against friction, won't trap heat and perspiration, and it feels "dry". Apply before you get dressed, to protect against rubbing that causes saddle sores. Hands stay clean. Applies directly from the stick to your skin, shorts or chamois. Effective and long lasting. Stay in the saddle longer - 100 mile rides, and more. No frequent reapplication. Won't clog pores, allows sweat to escape, and skin to breathe.

  • Recommended Uses: Chafing and irritation from sportswear, undergarments, apparel, footwear, and wherever skin is sensitive to rubbing.
  • Suitable For: Road and race, mountain biking, BMX, cyclo-cross, touring
  • No Animal Testing
  • Hypo allergenic

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