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Thirty minutes of breaststroke like you've never seen it before! NCAA Champion Dave Denniston demonstrates 6 key focus points to help you develop breaststroke speed and technique -- while you train.

All great swimmers will tell you: Don't just train...train with more thought. Do everything your coach asks, and then do just a little more...and do it with focus and attention to detail.

But what should breaststrokers think about to develop perfect technique and to go fast? GO SWIM BREASTSTROKE offers 6 easy answers, and you don't have to learn drills or change your normal workout routine in order to incorporate them into your stroke. You can start to apply them immediately, next time you go to the pool. Regardless of your age or swimming level, novice to elite, the concepts illustrated in this fast-paced and informative video can help take your breaststroke to the next level.

Discover 6 key points of fast breaststroke. This video illustrates them clearly and makes them easy to understand and practice.

Learn WHY each of the key points is important, and HOW each one will help you go faster.

Each focus point is illustrated from multiple angles -- side, head-on, overhead, rear -- and from above and below the surface.

Slow-motion and freeze-frame footage allows you to zoom in on key moves (including pullouts) and really SEE how to do them.

See how NCAA Champion Dave Denniston incorporates the focal points into his stroke, even at race pace.

Use Dave's favorite drills to practice each key elementor just GO SWIM. The 6 simple focal points will help you improve, even without drills.

Special laminated Stroke Guide helps you remember each focal point when you go to the pool.

DAVE DENNISTON was a member of the 1999 NCAA Championship-winning Auburn University Swim Team. He is a NCAA Champion (1999), US Olympic Trials Finalist (2000 and 2004), and a member of the 2003 USA World Championship Team.

GLENN MILLS was a member of the 1980 Olympic Team (200M Breaststroke) and 1982 USA World Championship Team, as well as 1983 NCAA Champion. He has coached at every level of the sport, from club to USS to elite, and has directed hundreds of weekend workshops and summer swim camps. In his more than twenty years as teacher and coach, he has worked with thousands of swimmers, helping them to develop technique and speed.  He is currently technical adviser to Swimming World Magazine.