Louis Garneau Men's Compression Short Sleeve Top

Louis Garneau
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The Louis Garneau Men's Compression Short Sleeve Top offers the benefits of Certified Lycra Power Compression for the upper body. Lycra Power supports blood circulation and helps resist fatigue in the muscles. The Compressive Fit of Louis Garneau's Compression gear is not restricting and is designed to guide and facilitate your muscle's natural movement.

  • This product contains more Lycra than basic knits for full stretch and shape recovery.
  • Its compression and unique support maximize muscles performance.
  • Favors blood circulation in the muscles; good blood circulation during long rides allows better performance, and a resistance to fatigue from 10% up to 20% better.
  • Absorbs and wicks moisture.
  • Lycra Power clothing is designed to fit muscle shape and to provide maximum support to muscular fiber.
  • Opaque mesh construction that provides extreme breathability.
  • Uncomparable comfort and flexibility because of its spandex content which reduces chafe.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • This knit has a UPF/SPF 50