Zoot Unisex Active Thermal Compression Arm Warmer

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Zoot's COMPRESSRx THERMAL provides you with all the advanced compression technologies of CompressRx now engineered for cold weather. CompressRx Thermal is constructed with a hollow, polypropylene yarn that traps air, for a warming layer right at skin-level helping you stay warm with fewer, lighter layers. Add to this Zoot's ZoneRx technology for muscle-specific support and CRx for medically-tested, graduated technology and you have THE MOST ADVANCED COLD WEATHER COMPRESSION GARMENT ON THE PLANET.


  • ZoneRX - Muscle specific zones of compression stabilize and prevent post exercise soreness
  • CRx Graduated compression that improves blood flow back to the heart
  • SynchroRX Thermal-Hollow core polypropylene yarn traps warm air providing an 11 degree F boost in skin temperature
  • Silver tech provides moisture wicking and 99.9% antimicrobial protection