Mizuno Women's Wave Sky 7 Shoe - 2024

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Seamless Gusseted Tongue – A soft, gusseted tongue sits flat atop your foot.

Smooth Stretch Woven – The smooth stretch allows for adaptive, soft fitting in the medial direction, while non-stretch material ensures correct foot positioning laterally.

High Breathability – Wider Breathable hole on vamp area. Prevents stuffiness inside the shoes and maintains comfort.

3D Midsole Construction – 3D midsole construction creates more deformation for better cushioning.

2mm More Stack (33mm-41mm) – Cushioning is achieved by increasing the stack height by about 2mm from the previous model for a total stack height of 27cm.

Mizuno Wave – The wave construction with different rigidness of two layered midsole provides softer landing, smooth transition and stable feeling. The top bigger wave allows for smooth transition, while the bottoms smaller wave provides stability.

Mizuno Enerzy – Foam offers the runner 17% more cushion and 15% more energy retur vs. U4ic.

X10 Carbon Rubber Outsole - Helps holds up to long miles and gives you the traction to run fast and take corners with speed.

Weight: 9.1 oz.