Orca Men's Dream Kona Tri Race Suit - 2022

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Developed with the help of the best athletes in the world, the Dream Kona takes every detail from all three disciplines into account in order to offer you the greatest possible performance: maximum flexibility and hydrodynamics in the water, the best aerodynamic advantage both on the bike and while running on foot, and technical materials that reduce drag.

  • Maximum Performance - Its lightweight and flexible fabric will reduce water resistance and improve aerodynamics on the bike, increasing speed in both segments.
  • Minimal Resistance - The three-dimensional texture of the material has been wind tunnel tested and optimized to delay turbulent boundary layer separation, reducing the cyclist's drag.
  • Greater Elasticity - The top is elastic enough for you to be able to swim with it on, saving a few seconds during the transition.
  • Breathability - The three-dimensional texture of the sleeves and back, along with the mesh lateral panels, give you more breathability where you need it the most.
  • Comfort - The lightweight fabric is composed of fibers that reduce body temperature and another silver fiber with anti-microbial properties, so that you can compete while feeling fresh and comfortable for longer.