Orca Women's Vitalis Openwater Breast Stroke Wetsuit - 2024

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The Vitalis Breast Stroke is the first Orca wetsuit specifically designed for breaststroke swimming. Its pattern was designed for the movements of the breaststroke and the distribution of materials of different thicknesses allows you to maintain a natural swimming position without lifting your legs excessively. It is made with the most elastic materials, such as Yamamoto 39 FS technology, so that you can enjoy maximum flexibility and a feeling of complete freedom.

  • Breaststroke Swimming: This wetsuit is the first of the Orca range designed and developed specifically for breaststroke swimming. The use of highly elastic materials and its thinness control buoyancy.
  • High Elasticity: In addition to the use of flexible technologies such as 39FS, its pattern was specifically developed for the movements of the breaststroke.
  • Low Buoyancy: The thin material in the leg area gives the suit a low buoyancy preventing the wetsuit from altering the swimmer's position in the water.