Profile Design Flip Ergo 50a Aerobar - 2024

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The Flip bracket offers our new generation fit range paired to the classic Profile Design spring loaded arms allowing the armrests to sit up, out of the way when not in use.

Pairing this bracket with the ergo armrest offers industry leading fit options and greater comfort. 

With the 50a extensions this aerobar encourages a neutral wrist angle


The Flip/Ergo platform is designed to give riders the freedom to find an optimal low stack position with the ability to hold the bar tops when climbing.

There are 80 distinct position options achievable just by moving the armrests. As a clip on bar it is also possible to adjust the extension width, length and tilt easily.

Fit Data

  • Armrest Offset: -85mm to -17.55mm in 7.5mm steps
  • Armrest Width: 112mm to 280mm in 18.5mm steps (With Extensions at 100mm)
  • Armrest Stack:  40mm

The extension length and rotation can be easily adjusted using the bottom bolt.

There are 100 distinct position options achievable just by moving the armrests. Combine that with the risers and this bar offers 1500 possible configurations. As a clip on bar it is also possible to adjust the extension width and tilt easily. This is the most adjustable clip on bar on the market (and in history).

It is worth noting that our previous top level clip on aerobar, the J4/F35, offered 90 possible configurations. This highlights the significant step forward we’ve made with our new generation aerobars in allowing riders to precisely adjust their position.


The flip up style bracket has been a popular feature in the Profile Design range for over 20 years – this is our latest rendition and the most adjustable yet.

The Ergo armrest is an integral part of the overall adjustability scheme. The dual - offset design (shared with Race and Boom armrests) gives the most precise adjustment range of any armrest on the market. This, along with the evenly curved shape, allows it to work well for the majority of riders.

The Flip/Ergo/50a aerobar offers comprehensive yet simple adjustment with our ever popular flip up design. A great option for riders who wish to maximize the number of positions they can utilize.


  • Extension Shape:  A 50a extensions offer a 50° ski bend shape.
  • The 50a offer a 7.5mm lateral shift per side.  This allows the rider to get their hands narrower or wider without tilting the extensions so much that the shifters touch.