Profile Design Sonic Ergo T5 Aerobar - 2023

Profile Design
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The Sonic bracket has been designed as the successor to the J2, which has been a somewhat ignored part of our range. With this update it brings our new generation fit range to a wider range of price points, replacing the J2 bracket. The Ergo armrest has been created to offer both a huge upgrade in fit range as well as increased rider comfort with a supportive curve to cup the arms


The Sonic/Ergo is designed to present minimal frontal area to createas little aerodynamic drag as possible. The main purpose of anaerobar is, of course, to get the rider into a fast position despite afairly minimalist appearance the Sonic/Ergo offers a comprehensive fitrange for exactly this purpose.


The T5 extension features a 13° ski-bend designed to give a range of aerodynamic hand positions.