Xtenex Xh200 24" Tapered Laces - 2022

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An elastic lace that enables tension between shoe eyelets to be adjusted, preventing involuntary lace movement. Xtenex Laces expand during natural foot swelling, elininating pressure and binding on your foot. The knots maintain the desired fit by preventing unwanted lace movement, keeping the laces in place. Xtenex Laces eliminates "dual compression impact" by keeping the shoe snug around your foot. Xtenex Laces convert lace-up shoes into perfectly fitting slip-ons. Never tie or adjust your shoes again! Xtenex is a true asymmetric lacing system, providing a custom fit of the shoe upper to the natural nonymetric form of your foot. Xtenex laces enhance lateral stabilization by increasing the tension along the left or right side of a shoe upper. This helps to stabilize and support you foot within the footbed, while enhancing footwear and footcare technologies such as orthotics, arch supports and insoles.

Xh200 is the mid-performance lacing solution. Depending on the diameter of the eyelets this lace may need to be tied however it is not necessary to untie to take shoes on and off. The tapered knots maintain the desired comfort level. The knots can be easily adjusted by slightly pulling the lace from one side of the eyelet.