REPAIRED: Orca Men's Equip Wetsuit - 2021 - Size 10

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This suit has a very small fingernail tear on the left of the back that has been professionally repaired.

The use of different technologies provides more flexibility, maintaining a constant buoyancy. Designed for Natural Swimmers, the result is an unmatched sense of freedom.

  • FLEXIBILITY:  The 1.5 mm Yamamoto 39 material in the arms provides the flexibility of high-end wetsuits.
  • FREEDOM SENSATION:  The Infinity Skin inner lining is gentle on your skin without squeezing your neck area.
  • FASTER TRANSITIONS: Hydrolite panels allow the wetsuit to slip o more easily during transitions.
  • HYDRODYNAMICS: SCS panels will minimize the wetsuit’s resistance in the water so that you glide through the water better while swimming.
  • YAMAMOTO 39 CELL NEOPRENE:  The Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene is more elastic and flexible than ordinary neoprene, offering greater flexibility in specific areas.
  • INFINITY SKIN: The Infinity Skin inner lining gives you a sense of absolute freedom. Designed as a highly elastic nylon that incorporates Bamboo fibers, this technology is applied to the lining of the neoprene to o er you greater flexibility with each stroke. It maintains body heat longer and reduces bad smells and the presence of bacteria in your neoprene. It is also composed of natural and environmentally sustainable materials, to avoid skin irritation and to care for the environment.
  • ULTIMATE SEAL COLLAR: The combination of laser cutting on the neck and the inverse Velcro reduces friction preventing any abrasion on the skin.
  • YKK REVERSE:  The YKK Reverse zipper prevents you the wetsuit from opening during the race. Its length and size is smaller than in the rest of our wetsuits, so its restriction is minimal, improving flexibility.