Tri Run Shoes

In triathlon keeping your feet comfortable is key. They take the majority of their abuse during the run portion so having a comfortable pair of running shoes is incredibly important. Factors to consider when purchasing a pair of shoes for your race are ease of entry, water absorption, and neutral vs. stability shoes. Having a pair of shoes that can be put on and laced quickly can shave valuable seconds from transition. Many triathlon specific shoes come with quick pull laces, allow for barefoot wear and have heel pull tabs. You can also purchase elastic laces separately if the shoes you have or purchase do not come with this option.

Do you know if you pronate? The majority of runners have a neutral gait and therefore require neutral running shoes. You can look at the soles of an old pair of running shoes to see what area of the sole has been worn down. The area where the ball of the foot sits can help you determine what kind of gait you have. If the center portion is worn, then you are a neutral runner; if the outer edge is worn, then you are an underpronator; if the inner edge is worn then you are an overpronator. Underpronators can still where neutral running shoes but should look at options with additional cushioning, while overpronators should purchase stability shoes with cushioning. 

Triathlete Sports carries a selection of sneakers in both neutral and stability options with many different cushioning levels. No matter what gait pattern you have, we have shoes to meet your needs.